How To Give the Million View TEDx Talk- ecourse
How To Give The Million View 
Presented By
Lance Allred
First Deaf Player in NBA History
International Inspirational Speaker 
TEDx Star of "What Is Your Polygamy?"
Over Four Million views...
"What Is Your Polygamy?"
.. and counting.
Let Lance Help You.
He has been through the process.

He has paid the price. 
Let him help you own your story, so you too can impact others for good.
What's In The Ecourse?
5 Lesson Course
1. The Secret Formula- The Trifecta- of a Lasting Talk
2. Finding the Right Venue and Making your Application Pop!
3. The Draft Writing Process and Misnomers
4. Rehearse or Not to Rehearse and Body Language
5. Marketing and Titling
How How To Give The Million View TEDx Talk
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"Lance added a dimension to my TEDx experience that was made uniquely possible by his own amazing talk and experiences. Not only was he able to recognize opportunities for my essential voice and message to shine through, he also helped me to stay dedicated to it with honesty and clarity."
- Amy Shaffer
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